snow_-_drum_set.pdf40.29 KB
everywhere_christmas_tonight_-_percussion.pdf27.62 KB
go_tell_it_on_the_mountain_-_drums.pdf1.13 MB
angels_we_have_heard_on_high_-_percussion.pdf30.87 KB
hall_bedecked_the_-_percussion.pdf49.7 KB
jingle_bells-sleigh_ride_-_drum_set.pdf22.12 KB
christmas_festival_-_percussion.pdf46.63 KB
maoz_tzur-_percussion.pdf33.67 KB
we_need_a_little_christmas_-_drum_set.pdf30.55 KB

I just added The Hall Bedecked. If you played with us last year, this is the same chart, but a few changes have been made. Also, we WILL be performing the first section (which we didn't play last year).


Here's a recording from last year (so it doesn't include the opening section). We will take the tempo at rehearsal 1 a bit faster. Once we get to rehearsal A, the tempi will be about the same as the recording.