Cadet Programs

Many of the boys in Philadelphia Boys Choir begin as members of the Cadet program. The boys learn the essentials of choral musicianship. This includes correct breathing, reading music, sight singing, and music theory. Each Cadet program lasts one year.

Beginning and Advanced Cadets perform at PBCC annual Holiday and Spring concerts. Based upon individual skill, Advanced Cadets can also perform in the Nutcracker with the Pennsylvania Ballet.


Beginning Cadets

Beginning Cadets focus on ensemble singing. The boys learn to develop their love of music while refining their tone quality. Those without prior musical experience learn to read music. All the boys learn the basics of sight singing and music theory. They are also taught how posture and diction can affect singing. Boys learn correct breathing and explore two-part harmony with rounds, canons, and other musical exercises.


Advanced Cadets

The short term goal of this program is to prepare a boy for his eventual membership in the Performing Choir. The long term goal is the enhancement of the boys' level of musical literacy and competency. Advanced Cadets reinforces correct breathing and teaches the discipline required of all Choir members. The boys learn music theory and melodic sight singing using the traditional “solfège” syllables.

After completing Advanced Cadets or at the discretion of the Music Director, boys are invited to become candidates for Philadelphia Boys Choir. The candidate needs to memorize ten songs from the standard repertoire and show proper singing technique. If he succeeds he then "earns his Blazer", the Choir's signature red jacket, and becomes a full-fledged member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale.