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Cambiata Blazer Music

Song 7 (All Things Bright and Beautiful) is for sopranos and altos only.

To download the tracks, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the track.  You will then be sent to another page, and the track will begin to play.

2. Anywhere on the black part of the page (NOT on the playback controls), right click.

3. Choose "Save as".

4. Determine where you want to save the file, rename it if you wish, and click SAVE.


Celebration and Silent Auction

Come join us to celebrate another season with the Boys Choir and Girls Choir, reconnect with old friends, and even make some new ones! And, of course, have fun bidding on great silent auction items, too!

The event will benefit the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Philadelphia Girls Choir.

It starts at 6:30 pm on Friday, November 18th and includes dinner.

Please visit our store to purchase tickets and join the fun.

Ecuador Tour 2017

ECUADOR! Including Island of Santa Cruz (Galapagos)

June 25 - July 9. The group will be split in two. Half will depart late June 25, and arrive early July 8. The other half will depart late June 26 and arrive early July 9.

Cost: $3800. This includes the previously mentioned possible $100 increase. 

$150 will be needed for some meals.


$500 deposit due by November 1.
$1100 by January 6
$1100 by March 1
$1100 by May 1 

Cuba Tour 2016


January 8-14

Planned Gifts - Ways to Give

Life Insurance

Make PBCC the Beneficiary: One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a sizable gift to PBCC that costs nothing now is to make PBCC the beneficiary (or a contingent beneficiary) of your life insurance policy. You retain ownership of the policy, its proceeds will be included in your gross estate, and your estate can take an estate tax charitable deduction. Simply complete the "change of beneficiary" form and send it to your life insurance policy company administrator.

Planned Gifts FAQ

I'm not wealthy. How could I have an estate big enough to make a charitable gift?

Most people are surprised at the total value of their assets when they take into account their home, retirement plans, life insurance policies, IRAs, personal property, and investments. After providing for family and friends, it is often possible to plan a charitable gift as well. Gifts such as Trusts or Charitable Gift Annuities can provide a donor with lifetime income, often with a higher return than many other investments.

Planned Gifts

For many choir lovers, donating money during your lifetime isn’t enough. What if you want to continue to help sustain PBCC after you’re gone? 

The Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale’s and the Philadelphia Girls’ Choir’s planned giving program allows you to make a difference in ways that complement your personal financial planning. A planned gift can help you generate lifelong income, obtain significant income tax deductions, reduce or eliminate estate taxes, and convert low-yielding assets into a higher income stream at a reduced capital gains cost.

H80 files

So, here we have the audio files and sheet music to help you brush up on these songs.

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