Midsummer Night’s Dream

Use the video to help learn the music. Everyone is expected to know their part by the time we start rehearsals in January.

YouTube Video: AIX-Britten-Midsummer-VID.mp4

Page 2 starts around 5:15
Page 91 starts around 47:16
Page 130 (solos only) starts around 1:05:00
Page 201 starts around 1:38:26
Page 302 starts around 3:02:47

Please be very careful to listen to the correct part – sometimes the Alto part is difficult to hear on this recording. You might need to have someone help you learn the part, by playing it on the piano.

Please note that we’ve made a change – the music on page 302-305 will be for ALL boys, not just the soloists. Sopranos will sing the first entrance (“Cobweb and Mustardseed”) and altos will sing the second entrance (“Peaseblosoom and Moth”).

This calendar works best in Chrome. It does NOT work properly in Safari.

If you wish to put this calendar into your own calendar, you must first create a Google account (if you don’t already have one). At the bottom of the calendar on the right side is a button that says “+Google Calendar”. Push this button and it will add the calendars you are viewing to your google account calendar, and you will then be viewing your google calendar.

If you wish to have this calendar in something other than Google, then do the above steps, and then follow these next steps. In your google calendar, on the left side is a list of all calendars. Under the heading “Other calendars” should be listed the calendar you just added (“Kaddish Calendar”). If not, click on “Other calendars”. Then click on the arrow to the right of the Kaddish calendar. This then allows you to choose from some options – click on “Calendar Settings”. Now, towards the bottom is “Integrate Calendar”. Pick the option you want – you will need to get information from your calendar application to find out what to do at that point.

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