Cambiata Blazer Music

Attachment Size
1 Star-Spangled Banner – Camb.mp3 1.51 MB
2 America, the Beautiful – Camb.mp3 3.12 MB
3 Ubi Caritas – Camb.mp3 4.29 MB
Ubi Caritas – pronunciation 2.1 MB
4 An American Hymn – Camb.mp3 3.05 MB
5 When the Saints Go Marching In – Camb.mp3 2.58 MB
6 Amazing Grace – Camb.mp3 3.98 MB
8 Shenandoah – Camb.mp3 3.3 MB
9 Circle of Life (B1) – Camb.mp3 3.65 MB
Circle of Life – pronunciation 4.04 MB
10 God Bless America – Camb.mp3 3.62 MB
11 Holy – Camb (T2).mp3 4.07 MB

Song 7 (All Things Bright and Beautiful) is for sopranos and altos only.

To download the tracks, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the track.  You will then be sent to another page, and the track will begin to play.

2. Anywhere on the black part of the page (NOT on the playback controls), right click.

3. Choose “Save as”.

4. Determine where you want to save the file, rename it if you wish, and click SAVE.

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