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Advanced Cadet Nutcracker 2018

Request to miss school – pops 12.14 (POPS 1)

Request to miss school – nutcracker 12.14 (Blue)

Request to miss school – Today Show 12.20

Request to miss school pops 12.21 (POPS 2)

Request to miss school – nutcracker 12.21 (Red)

Nutcracker-POPS Schedule and Info 2018 rev. 11/5

PBCC Handbook 2018-2019

Tuition Payment Form (fillable form)

Scholarship Application (fillable form)

Dates and Deadlines/Checklist – Advanced Cadets

Dates and Deadlines/Checklist – Beginning Cadets

Dates and Deadlines/Checklist – Choir/Candidates

Dates and Deadlines/Checklist – Chorale

Dates and Deadlines/Checklist – Junior Chorale

Notes from Orientation Meeting for Cadets

Dry-Cleaners list

Adjusting the blazer sleeve length


High Notes Sign-Up

If you want to add a new address to the High Notes distribution list, please email info@phillyboyschoir.org.

If you mistakenly unsubscribed from High Notes, we cannot add you – you have to sign up yourself at this link. You will get an email that will ask you to confirm that you want to be on the list again.

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Beginning Cadets

Advanced Cadets

Child Abuse Clearance Information

Italy Tour Information

Photos from tour (past and present)

Solo Information

Breathing Video

Chorale Attendance Spreadsheet

“Blazer Music” tracks

Please be sure to click on YOUR voice part to hear someone singing your part. It is suggested that you click on the appropriate page, and then download each song (instructions on downloading are on each page). This way you can be sure you don’t accidentally click on the wrong part sometime and learn the wrong notes. Recordings of the entire choir singing this music is found on “Full Choir Recordings” this and the “Piano Accompaniment Tracks” are a good way to test how well you know your part. Also found on the “Full Choir Recordings” page are pronunciation guides and the sign language video for “Holy”.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2 High

Soprano 2 Middle

Alto 1 Middle

Alto 1 Low

Alto 2

Tenor 1

Tenor 2 High

Tenor 2 Middle


Baritone Middle

Baritone Low


Full Choir Recordings

Piano Accompaniment Tracks

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